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Integral Collaborations, Inc.  99 N. Post Oak Lane, Ste. 4203, Houston, TX 77024. 713-680-8022;

j.p.armstrong@comcast.net or m.a.cinta@comcast.net

Integral Collaborations, Inc. consulting and coaching services helps you address pressing business issues while identifying new opportunities to improve performance through creating a cooperative, innovative and results oriented mindset in your work environment. We accompany you in achieving your goals effectively and with integrity. We assist our clients execute through aligning strategy with values and behaviors that promote responsibility and accountability.

Our collaborative approach assists people and organizations innovate by spanning boundaries while remaining aligned with their business strategy, culture and behaviors. To accomphish this, our services focus on strategic leadership development, executive coaching, team performance, strategic stakeholder alignment and effective execution, cultural renewal, organizational design, change management and organizational learning.

Our passion is to help individuals, teams and organizations recognize their unique contributions and express them skillfully at work and in a socially responsible way. 

Our Philosophy

We work in collaboration with you
We partner with you to ensure that relevant business issues and opportunities are addressed.

We inquire and work deeper
We work beyond the level of techniques and behavioral skills, addressing emotional states, mental models, as well as the collective intelligence, values and beliefs that define actions and shape performance within the corporate culture.

We co-create solutions
We emphasize that the diagnostics and co-created solutions are translated into client owned interventions to address business issues and opportunies.

We employ "best practices" and innovative approaches
Our collaborative approach uses tested and innovation approaches to support clients in meeting business challenges and generate sustainable results. 

We engage through a network of seasoned practioners and a spirit of dialogue
Our network of business people are totally committed to helping our clients improve their effectiveness and organizational performance. We are also committed to supporting our clients' capacities to continuously learn and transform themselves and their communities.

We believe in ethical business
We operate from an ethical approach to generating capital. Our focus facilitates the experience of meaningful work and the achievement of the client's aspirations while providing quality service to customers, shareholders, stakeholders and their communities.