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Our Approach
We take a collaborative, whole systems approach based on informed inquiry processes and the understanding of organizations being comprised of images and language. We see language as critical to create meaning, igniting purpose and to coordinating, innovative actions in the pursuit of a shared vision. This is especially true as networked, virtual teams and organizations increasingly become the standard way of operating in our knowledge and creative economies.

We understand the power of language and conversations as a means to create appropriate fields of action and to handle the inevitable breakdowns in organizational life. Powerful conversations foster meaningful communication and learning to deliver results through trust and effective relationships.

We use frameworks and tools to support leaders, teams and organizations establish working relationships for effective agreements on issues that matter to them in support of their mission.

We view business organized in two mutually inclusive dimensions: the Human and the Technical. Our offer provides a balanced perspective between these two dimensions of business.

Based on our experience, companies often rely on increasingly technical solutions which when implemented end up as only partial solutions to their business issue. It is people that influence the direction of the company towards its success.


The following is a partial list of organizations that have used our approach to improve their performance:

-  Bristol, Myers Squibb-China

-  Nokia Corporation

-  Shell Oil

-  Mexicana Airlines

-  University of California San Francisco Medical Center

-  Integrated Trade Systems

-  Nahser Advertising

-  Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX)

-  Avalon Capital Management

-  Advanced Textiles

-  Telfonos de Mexico

-  Seattle University

-  Chevron 

-  Conoco-Phillips 

- HOFS Consulting

- W.K.Kellogg Foundation

- Values Technology 

- Inter-American Foundation