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Our collaborative approach combines:
  • A partnership mindset with clients to co-design the appropriate intervention
  • Possibility thinking
  • Combination of state of the art and proven frameworks and tools

Our consulting approach combines five practices that build on and integrate with each other.

Strategic Leadership

Our Strategic Leadership Development offer focuses on the development of competencies relevant to executives to address strategic challenges. Our approach leverages the wisdom from individuals with cutting edge content, best practice frameworks and tools, skill -building and self inquiry. The development program incorporates practices designed to:

  • Develop awareness to understand current business challenges
  • Identify Skills and Practice Fields to address gaps and business impact
  • Implement plan to define goals of the program

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching contributes to the success of senior executives by inviting them to reflect on their assumptions in use and how these can enhance or hinder their personal growth. Executives go through a structured and deep process of self -learning and development of new skills to address effectiveness while honoring their values and unique contributions.

The coaching program is designed to identify new leadership paths from one's own perspective as well as others. The approach assists the executive in recognizing strengths and weaknesses and developing a plan to address gaps in skills, attitudes and mindsets.

Team Performance

The effectiveness, productive capacity and innovativeness of teams are primary determinants of an organization's success. Ensuring alignment to perform and execute is built on trust, clarity of roles and responsibilities, comittment to value creation and a combination of "best" and "signature" work processes. Team performance requires leadership in attracting and directing others, clear processes and working agreements and the ability of the team to reflect and learn from their experience. We have worked with leadership, functional and project teams - up and down the entire spectrum of an organization using a variety of tools that incorporate an integrative and holistic approach to improve and sustain team performance

Strategic Stakeholder Management, Alignment & Execution

We engage with leadership in articulating the direction in which they want to take the team or company and how it will get there. This includes a shared understanding of the company's aspirations, core values, and business practices that shape the quality of interaction among all its members.

Cultural Renewal, Organizational Design and Change Management

Our Cultural Renewal, Design & Change Management work supports leadership in the renewal of the organizational culture to fulfill their company's strategy and vision. Our process includes a whole systems diagnostic of the current culture, as well as the relationship between culture, business performance, and leaders' behavior. Our approach offers a road map to help shape the new culture. We offer support to help ensure alignment of all aspects of your organization for a more successful implementation of your change initiatives. We employ a diversity of sound and tested processes and tools

Tailored Workshops

We offer a range of workshops tailored to improving organizational effectiveness and performance.